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Team #ActsManila for PDCup2014 Solo Competition today! ✨

College feels 🙋 #107represent

For these trips made us closer to each other and allowed me to get to know you better. It has been more amazing because we shared it together. 💕 Happy eighteenth, THE GORGEOUS ONE! 👑 you’re finally legal haha, and welcome to the “senior” club 😛 cheers to more laughing moments, heart talks, movie dates, terno days, and dance trips! I’m always here for you, love you forever 💋 #MICEConItsHappening #MissingLaos

Still young and fab for debuts 💋 #Originals #team24 haha

Black and white for @patagbayani’s 18th 👑

The night that was. ✨ #Patricia18th

#throwbackthursday to the Teleserye series. 🎭 #debutouttakes2008

A tribute to the ultimate trio i miss. Happy uhogs day! 👃 It has been a very looooong time since. Date soon please, my loves! 💋

By far the most interesting night we’ve had. I cannot imagine life without you guys haha. I love you forever ❤️

Happy birthday, Papa! 🎉 hooraaaayyy for buffeeeeeet! 🎎 #JapaneseFoodHeaven 😋